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The process of preparing the final artwork, namely adjusting the formats, images, texts and certified colour proofs, to ensure that the client is happy with everything during the process of engraving the plates and printing the work.

Offset printing

Offset printing is geared towards large print runs, making the unit value of each material more profitable for the client.

Pantones and other ink effects can also be used in this print.

We have machines with tower varnish, which allows for better optimisation of the work, both in terms of speed of drying and preservation of the work during handling. We also have envelope printing machines, which makes Litojesus one of the best options in the country in terms of speed, quality and price.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is ideal for short runs and small formats. It's the fastest type of printing, so you can get your products on the spot, without jeopardising the quality and durability of the work. An excellent option for small quantities.

Finishing / Personalisation

This is the final stage of production and can be mechanised or manual, depending on the customer's request. It consists of cutting and/or creasing, folding, creasing, straightening, stapling and/or punching, perforating and laminating (matt, gloss, anti-scratch, velvet and localised UV laminating, gold/silver embossing).

In this sector too, Litojesus has state-of-the-art equipment, which leads to fast, high-quality execution.

Specialised in

Envelope Printing

As mentioned above, we have machinery suitable for printing envelopes, making Litojesus a unique choice in the quality of standardised envelope printing at competitive prices.

Outdoor advertising

This is a new area in which Litojesus is making great strides towards being highly competitive, thus providing our valued customers with yet another quality service.

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